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Gaming Tables

You can book a table for the full day or for half a day : (1/2 day tables switch over at 14:00 and Start at 14:30). If you book for a Full day and you have one person to run the game for a half day each, we will issue 2 Gamemaster free admission passes.


Tables will be allocated by the committee on the basis of, order of received applications and then variety of games on the day, the person booking the table will receive free entry for the day and should pick up their badge at 9:30 on the day and then proceed to their allocated table and set up their game.

Morning games should aim to start around 10:30am. Seats at the tables cannot be reserved. We ask that you run games that are no longer than 3 ½ hours in length to enable more people to play games on the day thus enabling you to run at least two games on the day. Afternoon games should start at 1:30pm.

Successful applications for tables on the day will be emailed at least 3 months before the Convention to confirm the successful application.

No power sockets will be available for the use at the tables and the applicant will be responsible for cleaning up after their games.


There will also be a selection of free tables on the day, these will be allocated by first person at the table.


Lots of games being run by the 4 members of Counters Board Games Cafe and there are 15 demo tables in the main hall running games also.




Click the button to the right to download the booking form 




Games Booked for 2019 so far

Huw Williams ----- Medieval Castle Game

Totte Alm ----- Operation: Fallen Reich

Darren Anthony ----- Infinity

Michael Roy Longman ----- Dreadball

Tarbon Dohn ----- RPG

Simon Burley ----- RPG

Pete Wright ----- Two short Cthulhus

Gary Loveridge ----- RPG

Hereford Gamers ----- Massive Board Games

Richard Wheeler ----- Fallout RPG

Newport Gaming Club, Two Tournaments

Steve Everson ----- Various Game Demos

Nigel Hodge ----- The Creature That Ate Newport





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