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Download the Trade Stand Application form Here

Email for details.

Traders Booked for 2019

The Gamers' Emporium
DramaScape Games
DeadStar Publishing
Jaunty & Rakish
SciFI Collectables
Handmade by Glart
Shrinking Violet
Mythic Comics
Asmodee UK
The Academy of Steel
G Man Comics
Crefftau Hendy Crafts & Gifts
Stefan Jakubowski
Bonhomie Games
SheBlack Dragon
Talking Skull
Tinkerbot Games
Sticky Ink Studios
Underhive Games
Gift of Light Candles
Caerphilly Comic Con
Cardiff & Newport Facepainting
Lions Gifts
Caerphilly Comic Con
Critical Kit
The Historic Games Shop
Sam Roads
Your Laser

Luna Ink & Totally Inked

Honeybadger Games

Bampf Limited

CCG and Boardgame Social


Flying Bear Productions

Grenzer Games

Rp Haven

The Cotton Dragon

Blackthorn & Bramble

Bears Head Miniature

The Dragon's Cwtch

Venomous Collectibles

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